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Hp tuners wideband hookup

hp tuners wideband hookup

Mon 3/13 nothing scheduled from here on out. 2/11 AM thru 2/12 noon Marathon session, 5 Massachusets sleds to dyno tune (maybe we'll begin Friday PM).Ed Derby and pals; spent most time with a troublesome Pol 800 twin w/ billet 900 cylinders, made way less airflow CFM and HP than a different brand. This was the fourth or so BD big cat turbo tuned here but it drove us crazy, strange burble at dandy 12/1 A/F mechanical (that misfire showes as lean on wideband because of misfire O2 blowing by O2 sensor).finally got clean running at 15 psi. And those 145 horse guys have stock reeds, stock pipes, stock airboxes, and stock mufflers. Once I took apart a crank from an early-model 500 Kaw H1 streetbike with 50,000-miles. But today I was texting back and forth with Peter Duncanson about that (Peter sometimes runs low RVP C16 in his PS1000 asphalt sled) and I got thinking-are the vaporizing front ends creating enough pressure in the bowls to slow down or even stop the flow of fuel into. No other power adders, lowered 2 maximum from stock at each end. . 2/11 AM Pete Nixon, RKT XP860R, Jim Cooper helping out, Boyeson reeds special for mod engine vs stock reeds etc. Turbo 2strokes normally show us 4-5 or more PSI pipe center section pressure higher than boost pressure, but this one measured 3 psi less than boost pressure! Because the PCM service number (GM# 12200411) is the same for both vehicles, the calibration can be interchanged.

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3/6 Chris Squiers and John Wilbur with two F somethings and maybe a SkiDoo. I just got a load of keys from D D so John installed a 3 deg key and after a few more Boondocker tweeks made 182.7hp at 8400 and torque jumped to 116.2 at 8000 for a broad hp curve 177hp from 8000 to 8600. The D D Y pipe was good for 3-4 HP extra with the Bikeman stock pipe, less on the stock pipe since the combo of 9 degrees added timing and added compression was trying to shove the HP peak lower than where the stock pipe. 9am Jack G Elite Motorsports 800 triple 225hp last time w/ DynoPort mod pipes, looking to find a reason for occasional seizures just too lean-90 lb/hr will never support 225hp so raised needles, and opened power jets and fuel flow increased to 115 lb/hr. Had to create new splined adaptor w/ small u-joint to clear the new style frame on quads and motoX bikes, dialed in needle local sex West Valley City and main jet added 5 HP, bsfc.45 7/26 Jesse Pych trying to tune up his PS1000 price engine. Most of it burns on the way out the exhaust port. So every time Sage tried to start this beast it would slug a shotglass full of fuel from the bottom of the huge Turbonetics compressor into the engine, into the cylinders drowning most of the plugs. All cold air equipment is here (four walk-in freezer condensors and evaporators) but more carpentry work/ insulation needs to be done. I'll be anxious to hear the test results when they are finished. We even resorted to blowing some N2O into the carbs to lift the race engines from idle to whatever RPM they came "on the pipes". Hint: sometimes you are lucky enough to get what you pay for.

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